No. It is absolutely free to join and create a shop on Afri InterMart. We only receive a little a percentage of total sales when you sell a product on our site. You keep a huge portion of the sales.

Setting up a shop on Afri InterMart is free and easy. If you don’t have an Afriintermart account, create one by clicking “Create Account.” All you need is a shop name, a valid email address, shop address and a bank account where you wish to receive payment from Afriintermart. If you have a PayPal account, make sure to use the email account associated with your PayPal account.

You can sell beautiful handmade items including African clothing, jewelry, headbands, footwear, art and craftwork, beauty & health products, African groceries, agro-products and other raw food materials. At Afriintermart we also allow healthcare professionals, hospitality & tourism industries, and graphic designers to advertise and sell their services.

Sellers or Vendors of receive payments from AIM in two ways:

  1. Through your PayPal account
  2. Bank transfer

No. You don’t need no credit card to register as a seller on Afri InterMart.

If you sell products or services on AIM, we will charge a transaction fees between 6 % to 20% depending on what you sell. AIM will charge a transaction fee of 6% + 0.50 USD for every physical product you sell and 20% + 0.50 USD for every serviceable item you sell. Afriintermart will charge vendors or sellers from certain states in the United States a sales tax on any of the paid subscriptions packages.

Absolutely yes. This is a unique Online Marketplace in the U.S where millions of customers or consumers are actively searching for unique and beautiful products and services from Africa. It is the right place to meet the right consumers for your products and services.

This is the one stop marketplace where you can find the best of African products and services. If you buy on Afri InterMart you are also helping to create economic opportunities for the talented youth and skillful women and other entrepreneurs in Africa.

We also specialize in product sourcing and retailing of goods from various suppliers and manufacturers globally. You can select from a variety of quality products at unbeatable products.

Yes, all transactions are done on our secure, SSL-encrypted marketplace. For additional security we process payments through PayPal; this means we do not keep records of payment information on our Site or Marketplace. However, in our modern world, no security measures can be 100 % safe. So please take note and be cautious as well.

We understand sometimes things may not go the way both parties expected. However, we recommend that both parties (vendors & buyers) both try to resolve any disputes before bringing it to the attention of afriintermart. To minimize disputes, we recommend both parties to read the terms and conditions carefully and also communicate via afriintermart messaging system before committing to any transactions.

Yes, Afriintermart is a legal Online Multivendor Marketplace registered as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Delaware in the United States.

No. All communications must go through Afriintermart’s  messaging system for transparency and security reasons.

No. All payments are to be made through the third party systems implemented on the marketplace. We currently accept payments securely through PayPal.

As an online business owner it is your responsibility to know whether you are required to collect sales TAX/VAT or not. If your business is registered to collect sales TAX or VAT, you can use our TAX tools in your vendor dashboard to select the countries/states/cities/zip codes and set the TAX rates that are applicable to your location. U.S sellers or vendors can find out more from their states.

Afriintermart is an Online Multivendor Marketplace in the United States that connects buyers and sellers of African goods & services. Afriintermart also specializes in product sourcing and retailing of merchandise or goods from wholesalers and suppliers in the U.S and other countries.

Afriintermart is your one stop destination for authentic handmade African fashion & apparel, art & craftwork, African groceries & agricultural products, health & beauty products, cars & accessories, construction & real estate, and many more. You also can bid for professional services including speciality medical procedure ( IVF), graphics & designs, exotic travel and tour packages and many more, all at affordable prices.

Afriintermart is unique and focuses mostly on authentic African products and services, making such unique products and services easily accessible to consumers in the United States and other European countries. It’s main focus is to help create more economic opportunities for the talented youth and young African entrepreneurs through capacity building.

When you receive a physical order, prepare and ship the order to the customer. Go to your vendor dashboard and mark the item as shipped. On the order page, provide the shipping courier name, tracking number and any relevant information you think the buyer should know.