Afri InterMart (AIM) is a U.S based Online Multivendor Marketplace for Selling and Buying African Products and Services. We also do Product Sourcing & Retailing of Products from Manufacturers & Suppliers Globally. We are a Limited Liability company registered in the State of Delaware, and based in Houston Texas.

Exposing the Best African Products & Services to the World

Afri InterMart (AIM) is the global marketplace for showcasing unique quality and the most beautiful African goods and services. It is the home of extraordinary African items, from beautifully handcrafted items, vintage treasures to an array of natural resources and agro-products. AIM is a All in One Marketplace where you can purchase physical products and also enjoy professional services including specialty medical procedures at affordable prices from highly qualified medical professionals in Africa (Invitro Fertilization and many other procedures)


Products & Services

From fashion & apparel, African art & craft/vintage items, beauty & health products to African food/groceries, raw food materials and other raw/natural materials from Africa and professional services, the whole world can enjoy the best items and services from Africa. Enjoy quality specialty medical care and other hospitality services, booking & rentals at affordable prices only on Afriintermart


Product Sourcing & Retailing

The best part of Afri InterMart is that we don’t just allow Europe to enjoy African goods, we also allow Africans and other continents too to enjoy the best products from Europe and other countries. We drop-ship, retail or source products from manufacturers and suppliers from United States and other countries to Africa and around the globe at affordable prices.


How Afri InterMart Started


The CEO and founder of this company is an African – born U.S citizen who came to the U.S to attend college and pursue the American dream. While in the U.S his uttermost desire has always been to help create economic opportunities in Africa, especially among the skillful youth; most of whom have graduated college and find it difficult getting a degree – related job. He understands most of these skillful youth are very business oriented and run small businesses while dreaming to get a degree-related job. There are also well established professionals and entrepreneurs in Africa with extraordinary skillsets or talents, and doing very well in Africa. AIM is here to take them to the next level by helping these outstanding professionals to reach the right consumers in the United States and around the globe.

He could not find a better way to do this than to create an e-commerce business where these talented women and the youth can reach consumers in the U.S and globally, sell their products and services, increase revenue and become economically independent. Additionally, the CEO of AIM wants to enable consumers in the United States and other European countries to have easy access to the products and services they may be interested in purchasing from Africa. Afriintermart is here to make such transactions easy, transparent, and secured.


How Afri InterMart Works

Afri InterMart is a global marketplace created for real people who want to connect over special goods and services. This marketplace empowers creative sellers from Africa to do what they love doing most and helps buyers to find what they love. We make international shopping fun, transparent, and secured.


Turn Your Talents to a real Business

With education, powerful tools and support, we help creative entrepreneurs start a business of their own on our marketplace, manage it and scale. If you are a skillful entrepreneur who make or sell African products and want to take your business to the next level and become known throughout the U.S. and Europe at large, Afri InterMart is the right marketplace for you. Start selling today.


Buy Everything African

From the specific to custom-made products, you can buy what you love at an affordable price. With our search tools, you can easily explore the best products and services Africans have to offer. If you are looking for exciting items that are perfect for you, this is the right place to find them. Our team can also help you find the most exciting trends and ideas within Afri InterMart marketplace. You can start shopping now


Shop Securely

Afri InterMart connects buyers and sellers and allows them to transact business on this secured marketplace. We don’t just connect sellers and buyers, we also keep the connection secure, safe and fun. Our priority is to keep both sellers and buyers safe and secure. Whatever your need is, we are here to help.


Why Choose Afri InterMart

This is the #1 Marketplace in the U.S that is specially designed for selling and buying African products. That means we have numerous consumers waiting to buy unique products, and if you are a consumer, we have a variety of skillful entrepreneurs who have a variety of beautiful products to choose from.

Moreover, if you shop on Afri InterMart you are helping create more economic opportunities and bridging the unemployment gap among the skillful women and youth of Africa

Whether you are buying or selling, you can do it with confidence because we are here for you 24/7. Start selling or buying today.